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Thread: yui button vs standard html <button>

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    yui button vs standard html <button>

    i am trying to understand when should yui push button be used instead of just standard <html> button. example is given at yui site:


    If I just have a button on click of which I should do some calculation, should i use standard <button>, attach event handler to it or should i create a new button using yui button constructor first and then handler?
    var oPushButton1 = new YAHOO.widget.Button("pushbutton1");

    there is existing code that i have inherited for maintainence and in some plces, button is being instantiated using yui constructor and at other places, only <button> is being used.I am confused between when to use what.
    thanks in advance.

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    YUI button is simply wrapper around button that add some functionalities, there is no way to say which one should be used when it's your choice.
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    a regular button clicks just fine. if it were a slider or progress bar something, yui is worth considering. but a button? just use html.
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