I want to bind mysqli parameters dynamically using php. The problem I have is adapting my code to do this. I have seen a question which should be helpful to be able to solve this problem which is http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5...mically-in-php but I dont know how to use that code to adapt it into my code. I am really struggling to understand it. It will be easier for me to see somebody adapt my code to fit the bill so then I can understand what is going on.

Can somebody help guide me what I need to do to be able to bind the parameters dynamically in my code? Do I just need to change the bind param method to a call_func_user_array or is it much more than that?

Below is my code:
    $questionquery = "SELECT q.QuestionContent FROM Question q WHERE ";
    $whereArray = array();
    $orderByArray = array();
    $orderBySQL = "";
    $paramString = "";
    //loop through each term
    foreach ($terms as &$each) {
        //if only 1 term entered then perform this LIKE statement
        if ($i == 1){
            $questionquery .= "q.QuestionContent LIKE ? ";
        } else {
            //If more than 1 term then add an OR statement
            $questionquery .= "OR q.QuestionContent LIKE ? ";
            $orderBySQL .= ",";
        $orderBySQL .= "IF(q.QuestionContent LIKE ? ,1,0)"; 
        $whereArray[] = "%" . $each . "%";
        $orderByArray[] = "%" . $each . "%"; 
        $paramString .= "ss";
    $questionquery .= "GROUP BY q.QuestionId, q.SessionId ORDER BY " . $orderBySQL; 
    $stmt=$mysqli->prepare($questionquery)or die($mysqli->error); ;  
    $stmt->bind_param($paramString, array_merge($whereArray, $orderByArray));
    	$questionnum = $stmt->num_rows();
Thank you and I appreciate your help