Hey guys and gals!

I am in need of developing a turnkey video site generator for a niche market (not porn, LOL).

The basic idea is that clients would sign up to my service to have their own video website in my niche.

We would work together to setup the graphic design, setup an online training program to teach them how to use the site, upload videos, and manage users and content.

Once the initial setup and training is complete, the client would manage the website on their own. They would upload videos, add content, etc.

They in turn would get their customers to sign up for their video pay site, which they will bill their customers monthly for.

The site would have streaming HD video playable on all platforms (PC/Mac,smart phones, iPhones). Facebook/social media integration, where users can connect their facebook account to the site, "Like" and "Share" content, etc.

They would have their own admin panel that they would login to, where they could manage users, videos, content and setup auto responder emails for billing issues, service interruptions, etc.

From the client experience, I would idealize a service like HBOgo, or launchpad6.

As the provider, I would have my own admin panel to manage the clients. I can oversee their payments to me, deactivate any accounts that are delinquent, setup auto responder emails, etc.

I have more detailed specifications that I can furnish upon request. I have had this project attempted twice by two different Elance programming teams, both times they failed to deliver a finished product. Never again, LOL.

I would love to know where I can find a dependable team of programmers that can build a rock-solid turnkey platform. I have a list of clients that are ready to sign up the instant this is completed, I just don't know where to find a good team.

If anybody can assist or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance!