Hey forum!

I recently had one of my graphic design clients ask me to make them a website. I didn't think I would find it that difficult - I've worked with a little coding before. Well, it has ended up just being a mess of frustration. So, I am coming here to ask you more experienced Developers for help!

Here is what I have got so far:

- I'm using PhotoShop to produce my visual layout and Dreamweaver for the coding. I'm using Dw because the Ps formats easily over to it and it allows me to have a visual handle on the site. Both are currently running 64-Bit on CS6.

- I have my site designed, but I can't manage to switch it over to coding without the slices getting all out of place as I try to input things like text fields. I'm hoping this is a elementary problem, but as I have said this is my first experience with coding and am extremely unaware of the proper ways to do everything.

If anyone is willing to help me (perhaps even over Skype?) I would greatly appreciate the assistance! I am eager to learn and hope to dig deeper into this community over the next few years.

Thanks a lot!