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Thread: IE issue with eBay ME page template!

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    IE issue with eBay ME page template!

    Hi there!

    As the title explains I need urgent help with an eBay ME page template I have created for a client.

    You can view it at http://members.ebay....erid=georgeoz87

    This all looks fine in all but IE, it is supposed to be centered and all looking fine, but IE slaps it to the left hand side and chops the right side of the template off. I've been up for hours now trying to find a fix but I can't think.

    If anyone at all can help me out I would be much appreciated. I will also offer a donation for the help ;-) please get in touch if you can help george@ozroyal.com

    Many thanks,


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    sir,i have been a continuous reader of web developer.com it is a very interesting site lots of knowledge is there in this site .i am unable to give answer to your question please consult some friend.

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    I can not follow your link as posted in this forum, however, make sure you have set you width on the outside div and then set the margins left and right to auto. This should work. I am assuming this is your issue since I can not see you site.

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