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Thread: Can a form pass information to multiple locations?

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    Can a form pass information to multiple locations?

    Hey guys,

    I'm relatively new to html/css/javascript but I know enough to get myself around.

    I currently use an online form creator called wufoo to create really nice looking online forms for my website. These forms come with easy to implement rules and payment options etc.

    I also currently use Office Autopilot as my database, emailer etc.

    I can take wufoo forms and modify the code so that the data put in the forms by a user gets fed to Office Autopilot instead, but I get to retain the great rules nice styling etc. and the forms are super easy to build.

    What I'd like to know however, is it possible for me to have the one form that can have multiple 'actions' meaning it will pass data to both wufoo and OAP at the same time? This would also require each input having two 'name' entries so they could be recognised by each system.. I imagine this could prove to be very difficult, but I'm hoping there might be an easy way to do this.

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    I do not think that the inputs can have multiple names, and I'm no sure why you need that anyway? Can't the apps use the same names?

    I suspect that you could use ONSUBMIT to fire off a script to call one of the apps, whilst the action set in <FORM> calls the other. However, I have no practical experience of that. An alternative might be to chain the apps. However I have no idea if they have that functionality.

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