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Thread: Difference in hours (PHP)

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    Difference in hours (PHP)

    I have searched thru the posts and don't see what I'm looking for.
    I need to determine if Date1 is more than 60 hours from Date2.

    It is for a camp reservation script, so thta if people arrive(Date2) less
    than 60 hours from Date1, I can tell "Too Soon" or if more than 60 hours,
    Appreciate any help I can get.

    This is where I'm at now,
    $diff = time() - "2012-06-29:00:00:01";
    echo time(), "\n";
    echo "\n";
    echo ($diff), "\n" ;
    echo "\n";
    $diff2 = $diff*60*60;
    echo "\n";
    echo ($diff2), "\n" ;

    Tom Rector

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    I don't have the time to solve this for you simply because every time I have mess around with time I have to relearn it. That being said you should check out
    the mktime()


    look at the user posts that should put you on the right path
    Natdrip :P
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    Often it is easier to do this type of thing in the database SQL than in PHP, using the DBMS's own date/time functions.

    If you do need/want to do it in PHP and are using a reasonably recent version of PHP, take a look at the DateTime and DateInterval classes.
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