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Thread: help with web project

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    help with web project

    I know you guys get this a lot but I am very interested in starting a video hosting website like a stripped down version of Udemy.com . It offers free and paid classes. The “Student” is able to take these classes and rate them or leave feedback. I know next to nothing about the programming world and that’s why I am asking for help from the professionals. Any info would be appreciated.
    My first question is Cost. I know this depends largely on the amount of content being stored and the number of people accessing this content at any given time. So let’s say roughly 500 / 15 minute videos.
    • What would it cost to build such a site? W/ individual user accounts. How long would it take to build?
    • What would it cost to host this site?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hosting would vary according to the hosting service you choose. This step would require leg work, searching for hosting providers and their costs then comparing the costs. Hosting costs can run to inexpensive to very costly, this really is something no one person can tell you based on the info you have provided. You are going to have to research that on your own.
    As far as development is concerned, this also depends on who you hire. Your asking for a system that has free stuff as well as paid stuff this means you need a eCommerce site. eCommerce sites are some of the most expensive to design and develop as they require a lot of security due to personal information being stored. In addition, this type of site has a lot of back-end coding. Where you are also can factor into costs as well. some areas are cheaper than others. IF I had to guess at a cost (based only on the little bit of info you supplied) I would guess they type of system you are looking at would start somewhere around $2000.00 but could run much higher.

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    Thanks so much for the response. Lots of helpful info.

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