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Thread: What Is The Best Link To Use

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    What Is The Best Link To Use

    Hi, i have designed and developed close to 100 websites now and i am trying to find out what is the best link to add at the bottom of each of my clients site, suc as "Design & Developed by Company Name"

    I have seen a lot of web development companies add seo keywords to their clients sites and then link to their web development company site, such as "SEO & Web Design Ireland" and then link this to the web development company site.

    What in your view is the best method to utilise on your clients, thanks in advance...

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    Give the natural link. Google always loves natural link. E:g Design & Developed by "company name" give the link to your company web site. It is always a natural link.

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    I would switch up your anchor text so it is not the same on every site. It is debatable how much the search engines are valuing these footer links these days and if they all have the same format and anchor text the chances of the search engines devaluing them increases.

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