My level of knowledge when it comes to php and javascript is very limited. I do work providing tech support for people with webhosting with my company, but php and java coding is not part of the support I offer.

I would like to create a page like this that would allow for searching of public facebook statuses. This site is alright, but it has two issues. One is that doesn't allow searching for exact phrases with quotes, and the other is that it seems to freeze up after a few search results. As opposed to this engine which works great, but it doesn't have the option of gender based search.

I know these pages use facebooks public api at

I realize this is not a quick easy answer, I am not asking anyone to do this for me.

I am willing and planning to spend many hours learning what I need to learn to do this. I want to learn this for two reasons. One is to be able to create a search page like this that works the way I want it to, but the other is simply to be more knowledgeable for my job.

What I am hoping to learn from the responses in this forum, is where I should focus my learning. I would like to learn what is necessary to accomplish this, and not waste time with learning things that are irrelevant.

I am kind of thinking I should focus on learning javascript and php. Can anyone confirm this and help me hone in on what I REALLY need to learn to do this specifically? Any responses will be appreciated.