Im pretty much a beginner in webpage building and need some help with one thing.

What Iīm trying to do is to creat a scrollbox with a background on it and then some text and links on top of the background. I also want some top and bottom images around the scrollbox that will stay in the same place (not scrollable). There is a webpages that have a model that looks like the one I am trying to ctreate, the only difference to the model is that it doesnīt have a scrollbox as I want. You can find the model here: http://summervillage-wells.com/irmnet/

I have already created a scrollbox with a custom (jScrollPane) scrollbar I made in photoshop, but I just canīt get the background images to work and to be able to type on top of it. Also I canīt get the top and bottom images to stick to the scrollbox, it always leave a space between the scrollbox and the images.

Help would be much appreciated!