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Thread: Boot Issues (featuring the wacky mouse/keyboard experience)

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    Boot Issues (featuring the wacky mouse/keyboard experience)

    Hi, how's it going? Quite suddenly, a few problems have come up on my laptop. I think they're all probably connected.

    Firstly, I'm running a Dell Studio 1555, Windows 7.

    1. Laptop stalls on booting up. That little blue bar fills up like 80% of the way, but then no more. That is until I hit F12 for boot options. Then the bar fills up, but I'm not taken to boot options. I got to a fully black screen, with a little cursor/underscore blinking away in the top corner. Nothing happens until I press any key, at which point, a few seconds later, it takes me to the bluey green Windows starting up screen. From thereon in I'm fine.

    2. My keyboard is going nuts recently. I'll be typing along, and suddenly it'll reset me to the front end of whichever sentence I was writing. The backspace and delete buttons also don't really do what they used to do. They kind of jump my curser around a bit while I'm trying to delete.

    3. The mouse gets in on the act too. Many times on a page if I try and scroll down (by either using the trackpad or my USB mouse) the page pulls itself back the top. Even does it if I press the down arrow key, or Pg Dn key.

    Not quite sure what's going on. The former is worrying but at least I get in, whilst the latter two are really annoying and kind of stopping me working at this point. I'm guessing something driver related, but it's really not my area of expertise. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Are all of your drivers updated?

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    Check For Viruses And Mal-ware, Then Find The Hardware ID's To Your Keyboard and mouse, then install the drivers (the ID's Can Be Found In Device Manager)

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