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Thread: Rotating HTML5 3D Rubik's Cube

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    Rotating HTML5 3D Rubik's Cube


    There is to objective to make animated rotating around its axis 3D rubik's cube, with mini - images and links to external parts of the site instead of colors will be placed on its segments.
    An obligatory condition is using HTML5 and full cross-browser compatibility (including IE6 and systems without the support of WebGL).

    Please respond anyone who can suggest something on this issue. Is that achievable at all? And does anyone know similar implementation from which to push?

    Example: http://demiart.ru/forum/uploads10/po...1341559400.jpg

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    obligatory conditions where it has to use HTML5 (and, by definition of the project, CSS3) and be compatible in IE6 are mutually exclusive. It is an impossibility.
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