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Thread: Which cms is good either joomla od drupal and why

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    Which cms is good either joomla od drupal and why

    Which cms is good either joomla od drupal and why

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    Actually, both cms is really good. They have their own advantage and disadvantage. Either you use joomla or drupal you can make a good web. It's up to your experience that you had with which one, then use that one. If you never have used anyone, do some research in both about their pros and cons and choose the one you like.
    But for the sake of this topic, I can say something about them. Many people say joomla is easier (to start) than drupal. Joomla has many modules installed as Drupal you have to install yourself and drupal needs more configurations than joomla. Drupal is harder but when you feel familiar with it you can feel it's easy, everything is designed for best use, and drupal is more scalable than joomla.

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    The heavy duty user will go for Drupal as it can afford to handle the amount of muscle necessary for managing the content and usage required. The geek in the user thrills with Drupal and with Joomla know full well the demands of today’s websites and databases require the kind of detailed management that can either make or break a website or company. DesiredSoft Internet & Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. offers training courses in various technologies and platforms.

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