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Thread: Email lead router

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    Email lead router

    I am mostly familiar with PHP / MySQL but I am thinking I may not be able to do this functionality with that. I have multiple people in my office who would like to receive leads. To do this fairly I want to automate the leads to each person so everyone gets an equal share. So lets say there are three agents, agent1@abc.com, agent2@abc.com, agent3@abc.com.

    Definition of a lead in this case is a consumer emailing a request for a produce or service.

    I want to have a general email such as generic@abc.com and have all leads go to this email. I would like to be able to either reroute the specific email to whoever's turn it is. Lead 1 goes to agent1..., lead 2 goes to agent2..., lead 3 goes to agent3, lead 4 goes back to agent1... and so on.

    Keep in mind that I don't have control over all the forms of the lead because some are coming from third parties.

    Is there a way I can use php MySql to access an email and either reroute it through the mail function or possibly even extract the data from the email and send through a mail function.

    If PHP can not accomplish this, any suggestions on what direction to look at.


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