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Thread: Nav bar display issue

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    Nav bar display issue

    I recently installed self-hosted wordpress theme for a client and have added custom css to create the look she wanted, but there is something janky with the nav bar (and it was this way when I installed the theme).

    The main navigation buttons expand on hovering, but only the ones associated with a drop-down menu. They expand to fit the max width of the drop-down. I want the parent menu items to stay the same width, auto-sizing to their singular content, without inheriting any sizing from the dropdown menu items. I looked at the css, and fiddled with it in Firebug to no avail, but am drawing a blank and something in the back of my brain says I'm just missing something totally obvious. I've only been working with CSS for about 3 years, so you'd think something this simple wouldn't be a problem, but I've contracted a case of the derps or something, I guess.

    The website is http://dodiejacobi.com

    Any help from a fresh pair of eyes would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have rather a lot of styles embedded in the HTML, added with your "Custom CSS Manager Plguin". This block is over-ruling the absolute positioning in your .css file:
    #nav ul ul {
    	position: relative;
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    Ah ha! Right, the relative positioning is where I went all wrong. Thanks oh so much, David! It's all fixed now.

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