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Thread: Setting up a quote in a post reply

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    Exclamation Setting up a quote in a post reply


    I am in the process of building my own forum. I am nearing the end and am stuck on a major issue. How can I place a quote in the text box of the reply when a user replys to a certain message? I am having no trouble sending the id and the message through $_GET and I tried using echo but nothing is showing up in the text area. Here is my code:
    PHP Code:
    <form action="reply.php" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8" class="">
                <h3> Post a Reply:</h3>            
                    <input name="tid" type="hidden" value="<?php $tid ?>" />
                    <p>&nbsp;Body:<textarea name="body" rows="10" cols="60" class="posttext" value="<?php echo $_GET['body']; ?>" /></textarea></p>
                    <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit!" class="buttonreg" />
    Any ideas would be great. When there are a lot of posts it is a must to be able to quote.

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    Don't use a value attribute, just put the desired output between the <textarea> and </textarea> tags.
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