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Thread: Create website on top of Google Documents

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    Question Create website on top of Google Documents

    Hi. I have a client who basically wants a website with much of the functionality of google documents. If I create a website for them is there a way to integrate it with the google documents application. They want me to do the front-end so it is nice and simple but they want to have the following features:

    •File storage - for word, excel documents - with capability of me
    being able to create the 'folders' and a way of uploading documents
    •Archive - if documents are updated, we want to be able to store the previous versions and upload the new - so we can retrace steps if need be
    • Webmail would be for 5 or 6 people

    Has anyone any suggestions how best to go about doing this? Is integrating with Google Documents the best way to go? My experience is mainly client side so this is new to me.

    Many Thanks

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    Do they want to actually edit the files or merely store them?

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    They just want to store them and view them.

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    It looks like there's an API to interact with Google Docs:
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