I am starting a new website that we be a database of movie reviews, lists, and other information. I am completely new to all this, and am diving in head first. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice. What I need to know is:

1. Are there any alternatives to Dreamweaver (I know itís the best, but there are so many other costs that are going into this, I donít know if it is an option right now) that would allow me to make custom designs and templates for my site, that look professional, and not like a bloggers templates. I want an HTML and CSS editor that is as good as you can get in my price range.

2. Once I design the site, and get it ready to run, how do I get it online in a way that I will have 100% control? I will not sign away any rights like some hosts force you to do. And I canít have someone with access to my content. I want to be the one deciding what goes up and what comes down, and am the only one with access to the programming.

My main deal breaker is that I do not want this to be a blog. I do not want to use a design that has been used 100 times over, or that someone else could get access to if they decide they like it. I want it simple but professional. I am so not a web designer, but I have no other option but to do it on my own. I have content ready, an advertisement strategy set, have created the site map, have bought the domain, and am currently at the midway point in the logo design, all I need is to get the pages created and then have some place to put them.

I know itís a lot. But I would appreciate it if you could keep in mind that everything I have learned about website design has been within the past two weeks, before which I knew nothing about anything. I didnít even know what Dreamweaver, HTML or CSS was. However, this canít be a blog. I am not starting a career in web building, this is the one and only site that I will be doing. But the sacrifice to the look and usability of the site because I am a beginner, needs to be minimal. I just need it to work.

I am using a Windows computer.
All help is greatly appreciated.