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Thread: I'm just not getting it

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    Exclamation I'm just not getting it

    Allo folks.

    I'm a seasoned PHP developer, who has written windows programs in C#. I would like to marry my two loves of web and application development with ASP.NET C#.
    So i downloaded and installed Visual Studio Web Dev Express, it installed IIS 7 Xpress, and ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3.

    What I;ve noticed off the hammer is that ASP.NET is not just a different language, its an entirely different way to go about things.

    And honestly, im overwhelmed with the amount of changes

    What I'm wondering is if someone could point me to a very detailed and easy to follow "get up and go" guide/tutorial that can get me going with a blank site and a connection to the database (and create the necessary tables) with an MVC methodology.

    I'll continue to tinker around with it but wow, its just really dauntung how different the whole thing is

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    You could download open source asp.net scripts like http://www.nopcommerce.com/downloads.aspx , http://yetanotherforum.net/ etc and dissect it to your heart's content !
    Chris, Senior Developer,
    Php laravel developers,

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