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Thread: Promblems with IE

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    Promblems with IE

    Hello everybody

    This is my code

    HTML Code:
            <div style="height: 10px; overflow: hidden;">
    The problem is that the text should be visible. One solution to fix it is the following:

    HTML Code:
    <div style="position: absolute">Test</div>
    But unfortunitly all versions of IE don't accept that. In all other browsers it works fine.

    I only can change the code with the text cause it's a web application that generate this code!

    Any suggestion to solve this issue without javascript?

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    To begin, you need to add a complete <!DOCTYPE> statement to your document to insure that all browsers will render your pages in Standards Compliance Mode - which means they will all try to render the document according to the W3C standards. Search on "doctype switch" and you'll find some good advice.

    Second, it looks like you've stripped out too much code for anyone to really be able to help you. In your original code, for example, the <div> is set to a height of 10px, which is too narrow for the browser to display a line of text at any common default size. Is that really the code being used? Post more information and someone will try to help you.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Further to the above comments, the text is in a div INSIDE the div in which the height is set. Height is not inherited, so it is not set in the inner div. So the height depends upon the default per browser. Basically the code is nonsense.

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