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Thread: Hoping for a little help, customizing forms

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    Red face Hoping for a little help, customizing forms

    I'm looking for a quick solution to an odd problem I'm trying to solve.

    I've got a standard PHPbb forum deployed on my site, but before I start importing posts from a different forum, I wanted to add a custom date field to the thread/reply submission forms. MM/DD/YY/TT:TT so the posts can be categorized by when they were first created, not by when they're reposted on the new forum.

    From my understanding - I'm familiar with programming, just not this language - I need to add the options to the GUI, store the variables and pass them to the db, and then modify the postDisplay to retrieve and show the extra information.

    While I eventually plan to learn php, it's not something I can fit into my schedule right now. So, I'm hoping someone might see a quick fix, or a way to point me in the simplest direction to solve this one-time problem I've run into. Thanks in advance for any available help!

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    If it is about phpbb, eaven if you know php, is hard to know where and what to modify in the script.
    Maybe you can get some help on phpbb.com , they know better how to make changes in phpbb script.

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    Thank you for the direction! I will definitely check over there to see if I can find a solution to this issue.

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