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Thread: Urgent - Please Help!

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    Urgent - Please Help!

    Hey all. I'm trying to install 3rd party tracking code into my online store. It's with volusion, so it has to be placed within a certain article in my admin area. The 3rd party affiliate company have provided me with the code, which is:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://monetisetrk.co.uk/p.ashx?o=546&f=js&t= ORDERNUMBERHERE &P= TOTALORDERVALUEHERE "></script>

    The code, as you can see here, requires 2 values from the system. There is a help page which they provide, which contains the sub category values, but I have NO IDEA how to configure it. I've tried asking them for help etc but they're truly useless and won't help at all. Can anyone help me configure this code please??

    The help page, with the values is HERE

    Thanks guys!

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    You'll have to dynamically replace ORDERNUMBERHERE with the order number from your online store. Same idea with TOTALORDERVALUEHERE, so you'll need to get the total order value from the user's shopping cart. Does your online store have a templating system?

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    Not that I know of. The only guide to it is that link i put down in my last comment, where it lists the sub categories for the $(order) value. Put i dont know how to lay it out in code. /

    The 2 values are listed as being Order[0] and Order[2] but i dont know if thats the right way to put it into that line of code.

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