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Thread: Thinking facility vs. creativity

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    Thinking facility vs. creativity

    Or science vs. art.


    Is "design" something you can learn or is it a gift (you have it or you don't)?

    What do you think?
    Did you learn to do design or are you raised up with creating things?

    Kind regards,

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    I'd suggest that it is both. I.e. You can learn things like colour compatibilities, and use of fonts and white space etc... but if (like me) you are not born with an eye for aesthetics, your work will lack flair.

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    well it is more of a combo of both but i think the latter part is a little bit more important...even if you are gifted with a keen sense of creativity, you need some guidance to utilize it in the right manner
    when you sit down to learn something, if you have interest in it, it makes things easier for you...the rest can be covered up with experience i think
    so you can survive without the "gift" part i think

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