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Thread: BathMate Pump Review Blog

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    BathMate Pump Review Blog

    Hi, i would like to introduce this quite new blog about male enhance product Bathmate. bathmate is actually an water pump.

    I think i can afford to ask for reviews because its not an p*rnographic site, i think it rather fits to health niche.


    So i welcome reviews and ideas how to improve this Bathmate blog to be more attractive and usefull.

    Thank you

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    The design is fairly standard, which is good. It isn't confusing and it wont scare people off.

    You need to think about the layout, marketing and indeed colours of the page beyond the background colour.

    Yellows and oranges stimulate an impulse buy, sales driven purchases. Blue and green shows professionalism and trust in this field. You want to utilise these colours without making your site look like a rainbow in headings and buttons.

    The layout is OK, but the marketing and where you position what text is off-putting. Put yourself in the position of a consumer.

    'Think small penis ....... Inadequacy, shyness ..... Breathe in ....... '

    Now imagine clicking on the link. You immediately tell me it's a penis pump. I'm sure I can leap to that conclusion through reading, but spelling it out immediately, might make me close the window quickly out of bashfulness when around others.

    You go on for far too long in the first place as well. Pose me questions instead, like "It's never big enough", "If only I had a few more inches", then introduce your product as a way to satisfy those desires. I really would recommend asking someone with marketing expertise to help out. The first thing to do with a potential purchaser is establish a need/desire/instant gratification/insecurity or problem, then the product that will scratch that itch, then SELL it to them. That is how a product is sold every time.

    The site is too long winded for me. Without reaching out and saying to me "hey mr small willy, buy this", you need to do that but in a pleasant way. I couldn't care less about your history or any other crap, ie:
    In order to complete in such a market, you ought to have a punch in your product. There should be something different about the product you are trying to sell that would make the people buy your product.
    Don't reveal weaknesses! Why on earth would you willingly shoot yourself like this?
    The only disadvantage could be the fact that the product is only available online and it is not exactly an easy task to talk to the officials of the company.
    That feels like an SEO keyword blog, instead of a pitch. Quite simply, you need to tell me my penis is small, preying on that niggling notion, then sell me the solution. Stay away from words like pumps, etc. Stay away from saying the whole market is garbage, but yours probably isn't. I'm clinging to hope as a consumer and will try endless crap.

    I know the feeling, not from a small penis, I'm fine there thanks, but from when my hair started thinning. From caffeine to medicated shampoo, I have it! No seller has whined on about their sick grandmother to me while selling me shampoo. Instead a successful marketing ploy is "Find out why this is a best seller elsewhere by trying it" or failed logic that seems valid such as "Hey, caffeine makes you feel energetic right? Yea, well imagine what it can do when massaged in to your hair follicles".

    Your endless twittering only works with women, if at all. Men respond to logic, even thinly veiled and a snappy punchy motivators.

    Also your content is a legal nightmare. You use words like "can". You should be using "may". "You may get two inches extra". Even if your product is scientifically proven, you can bet that someone will discredit it or disagree. If you stay away from absolutes and instead tell people what they should expect you will do far better.

    So to reiterate, please get a better writer. These are the following words you are allowed to use:
    - May, should, expect, aid, help

    These are words you should never use:
    - Can, will, does, cure
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    Great design and structural site.Most importantly your site have lots of content.

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