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Thread: Please Review: ConvertaPDF.com

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    Cool Please Review: ConvertaPDF.com

    Convert a PDF

    I am in the process of putting up a site that will do a wide variety of PDF conversions... so far, it will convert the following:
    • Word to PDF
    • PDF to Word
    • Excel to PDF

    I am currently working on the capability of converting jpg, png, bmp and gif to PDF as well... hopefully by the end of the weekend...

    I have used WordPress as a CMS and will be modifying the theme, but I want to keep the three main conversion tools on the landing page.

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    Already a pro.

    At this link http://www.investintech.com/support/videos/
    I could not get any sound., but the video looked better on youTIBE.

    The site is great. However on one page I saw free, then on another page I saw Buy. It is all Ok once you can clarify what is free from what can be bought. Free does not have an expiry date on it.
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    Doesn't Word and Excel convert to a PDF already? I know Word should. I can do it in LibreOffice Writer.

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