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Thread: HTML5 Question 'Help'...!

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    Question HTML5 Question 'Help'...!

    I have question for the HTML5 Pro's....

    I am new to HTML5 and am in need of some info, like really bad....

    I am confused about what HTML5 Element is used for the main content. The Element one would use when creating a Dynamic Website, the Header stays the same, but page looks like it has changed....

    I am new, so please forgive me if I sound novice. I am....

    Thank you

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    There's nothing specific about the HTML 5 tags for content that changes or doesn't. A general rule for <h1> and other header tags like it should contain a single element in it as where the <header> tag should contain multiple elements, but again, that's more of a suggestion than anything.

        <h2>Sub Title</h2>

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