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Thread: Creating a map to show contractors

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    Creating a map to show contractors

    I'm looking for a map to map our contractors. They are all over the US and I want to plot their locations. Besides locations, I want to show their main contact and their job coverage when a pin is clicked. Do you guys know if they are any easy way to create such locator map?

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    https://developers.google.com/maps/d...on/javascript/ , check this out.

    You can make your own map, like the google maps, and customizable to your need.

    I may need time to learn but will not be too hard if you know javascript. Google already provide the apis for doing everything for you to use their map.

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    If you have no programming experience it might be easier for you to create this US map using a map builder software.

    You can try this online map builder at http://www.imapbuilder.net/.

    It allows you to easily select a map template, or a Google map region, and then add points easily by point and click, or by entering a full address. You may then also add mouse-over effects with text/links, etc. They have a Windows version too but it works with longitude / latitude values only, not full address.

    Google's map has its own map builder too but does require some programming background so you can compare both options to see which one suit you better.
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