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Thread: switch enter to shift+enter

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    switch enter to shift+enter

    hi every body
    sorry for my bad english
    i have a contenteditable P tag
    i want to change enter event on keydown to shift+enter
    but when i change e.shiftkey=true take error

    can you help me ?

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    Are you getting a JavaScript error? If so, please post it.

    Otherwise, you might try attaching a mousedown handler to the <p> tag's parent node, and when the key code of the event is the shift key, set a variable to true on the page.

    Next, you'll need a keypress event on the same DOM node. When the keypress event fires, and the key code is 13 (which I believe is the keycode for the ENTER key) and the shift key flag is true, then you know that the SHIFT + ENTER combo was used.

    Lastly, you'll need a keyup event on the same DOM node to set the shift key variable to false.

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