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Thread: How to track bandwidth for specific files or pages?

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    How to track bandwidth for specific files or pages?

    A common problem I've been experiencing with my site is going over the bandwidth limits

    I use both Google Analytics and JetPack

    Both of these tools only give general traffic statistics

    Is there a way to track the bandwidth usage from a specific file or webpage?

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Bandwidth issues revolve around file sizes and traffic levels. Since you hardly want to limit the level of traffic to your site, you should concentrate on file sizes. This usually starts with optimizing your image files. You want to keep your image files as small as you can without compromising the quality. Start with the largest image files on your site and the images that are used on more than one page. For common page elements, you can experiment with using image sprites. Then see if your host supports GZ compression. While GZ compression doesn't help much with graphics files, it can do wonders for text-based documents like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Some Google searches should show you lots of ways to reduce your bandwidth usage.
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    From Google Chrome , access Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) and click the Network tab - then refresh the page you want to examine - that'll show you the size of all the assets on your oage and how long they take to load.

    The Page Speed plugin (which I've used on FF, but I see is available for Chrome too) gives some more information about how you can improve things.

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