Hello, my English is not at his best but I will try...

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">
function myFunction(var1,var2)
alert(var1 + " & " + var2);

Username:&nbsp;&nbsp;<INPUT Type="Text" Maxlength=11 Name="UsernameField" Style="WIDTH: 80px; HEIGHT: 20px" Size=11 Id="Username"/>&nbsp;
Pass:&nbsp;<INPUT Type="Password" Maxlength=11 Name="PasswordField" Style="WIDTH: 80px; HEIGHT: 20px" Size=11 Id="Password" /> <BR>
<button onclick="myFunction(form.UsernameField.value,form.PasswordField.value)">Login</button>

<p>By clicking the button above, a function will be called. The function will alert a message.</p>

Like you can see, i pass 2 variables to a js function and with that function, i will display them, something goes wrong, you know?

Thank you in advance