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Thread: Can you recommend decent quality PC keeyboards?

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    Can you recommend decent quality PC keeyboards?


    I'm thinking of buying a decent quality PC keyboard and wondered if you guys had any advice on makes etc.?

    It would be useful to have a couple of usb ports but that's not vital. Apart from that I'm easy! Just want something that makes love to my fingers!

    Thank you...

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    I'm a big fan of Dell keyboards... Can get em by the truck load for about $5.00.

    But if I were going to buy one - I'd go to my favorite retailer and let my fingers do the choosing.

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    I use different ones for different purposes.

    The flexible rollable plastic ones are soft and great for travelling.

    At home, Ive wanted to get a laser one, it projects a keyboard on to the desk and you just tap your fingers on any flat desk surface.

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    interesting to me too)))

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