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Thread: BIOS issue

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    Exclamation BIOS issue

    I recently installed a new mobo and cpu, and reinstalled windows.

    I accessed the bios settings and put my hard drive as the 1st boot device, when it resets, the computer works fine. But when I shut down my computer and restart it up, the BIOS can't find the hard drive and I get the screen saying select boot device then restart. So I did that and when I shut it down and restart it says the same thing.....

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    Make sure the mobo battery is properly seated.

    Wouldn't hurt to double check which SATA post the drive is plugged into. The ports should be marked - select the #1 port.

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    I did both of what you said and I still have the problem. I tried a windows 7 repair, and that didn't work either.

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    Try to check the BIOS setting, or reinstall your BIOS

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    I checked everything over and reinstalled the bios, I even made sure I had the up to date drivers and still having the same problem....

    I was reading something about 6GB sata and how it might need its own driver, but couldn't find a 6GB sata driver, I don't know if thats the problem or not. My new mobo has the 6GB sata.

    Here is my mobo:

    Biostar A880GZ ver. 6.x
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