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Thread: Moving add-on domain up to public_html

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    Moving add-on domain up to public_html

    Due to the changes with facebook apps requiring SSL I need to move a add-on domain up to the public_html so it can be made the primary domain for SSL.
    I understand that I can not get an SSL certificate unless the domain is the primary. My host is bluehost.
    My host can change the domain to primary but they tell me that I will need to move all the files.
    I am running the latest Joomla 2.5.6
    At present I have another partially built site as the primary - so I assume I will need to move that out beforehand.
    I have gone through a Joomla article on moving the files to public html and changing the paths, but I find that there really is not a great deal of information in the article for me (not all that experienced), and I am very nervous about going ahead with it. I have backed up both sites and really am very nervously ready to go.
    Does anyone know of any slightly more in depth instructions about how to go about this.
    Or even better, another way to deal with the facebook SSL issue.

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    Not Able to Understand Your Need


    I am sorry but I am not able to understand what you are really asking for. Actually the problem is a little understandable but the solution which you are asking for it is not understood.

    Please elaborate the issue you are facing.

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    I know nothing about Joomla, so I cannot give specifics, but as no one else has given any advice, I'll offer some general comments. Firstly, it may seem an unhelpful comment, but why on Earth have you got an incomplete site in public_html in the first place???? If you must develop on line (and I presume you have to) use a development area, e.g. public_html/wip/, You have to change the structure of your site, so I'd urge you to treat it as an opportunity to put in place a suitable long term structure. Writing amendments directly to the live area is silly, and just asking for a disaster.

    Note: I would imagine that Joomla supports that strategy, but if it doesn't, don't use it!!!

    So I'd suggest the first thing to do is to set up a "wip" (work-in-progress) area and copy BOTH sites into separate sub-folders of it. Then check that both sites work in the development locations. Then find out how to publish new and amended sites to the live area. If Joomla does not have facilities to do that, perhaps your web host has?

    Lastly, don't forget to put a "disallow" for the "wip" area in Robots.txt to tell web search bots not to index the development area. I hope this helps...

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