I am trying to monitor video from an Axis 241Q video server in an html browser. The 241Q is connected to an IP camera that has PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) control. The 241Q video server connects to a network via Ethernet and has an in-built web server that allows monitoring of cameras connected to it as well as PTZ control for cameras that have this functionality.

I am able to use the inbuilt web server of the 241Q to monitor and control the cameras attached to it without any problems. When I enter the IP address of the 241Q, the standard web interface of the unit is displayed. A screenshot of this interface is attached.

However, I am working on an application where it would be better to have a user interface that is much simpler than the standard one. The standard web interface to the unit provides some example html code that can be copied and pasted into a web page in order to add video from a camera to that page. I copied this and then attempted to add a couple of buttons to it for zoom control. Pan and tilt buttons are not required because these functions can be achieved by clicking on the actual video image itself. The html code for the zoom controls was copied from the html source of the standard web interface for the unit, which was obtained by right-clicking in a blank space on the standard web interface and selecting "View source". The html file that I have created is attached, along with a screenshot showing how it appears in an html browser.

Everything is fine except that when I click on one of the zoom buttons in my html file, a new html browser window opens. This does not happen when the zoom controls in the standard web interface provided by the 241Q are used.

What can I do so that the zoom buttons in my interface to the 241Q will execute the zoom functions without opening a separate browser window?

Any help would be appreciated.