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Thread: JQuery Anything Slider - HOW DO I CHANGE THE MENU TABS!?

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    JQuery Anything Slider - HOW DO I CHANGE THE MENU TABS!?

    My god this is driving me nuts. I've spent hours reading through the code but I can't find anything ANYWHERE! My question:

    How do I change the text and style (colours, positions) of the green navigation tabs at the bottom left? Here's my page:
    I feel REALLY stupid cos a basic thing like changing the text on the nav should be the easiest thing...

    I've removed loads of the original files without stopping it working in non-IE browsers so there's less code to wade through. The help section here:
    https://github.com/ProLoser/AnythingSlider/wiki is no help. There's a section on navigation halfway down which links to jsfiddle but the code doesn't seem to relate to what's in my files. The code in this help section, although it works on jsfiddle, actually seems to relate to a nav menu that's not on my demo page above.

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    I've just found out how to name the nav tabs and control how many there are but I still can't find how to style them.

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