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Thread: JQuery function only calls once

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    JQuery function only calls once

    Hi, I'm making an event happening whenever I scroll(move it). The problem is that it only calls the function once, when I want it to be called multiple times. I want to make it a function, since it might be more than one object moving with the scroll. When I use the code without the function it moves multiple times. Once its in the function and called it only calls it once. Help much appreciated

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $(window).scroll(function() {
    function moveLeft($id){
        $("#cloud-1").css({marginLeft: "200px"});
    Another question I just remembered. How can you pass a variable as the id/class into a css query. Like when it says: $("#cloud-1").css({marginLeft: "200px"});. Instead of #cloud-1, use $id. I tried, but unsuccessful.
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    I found the error. It was my mistake, in some code that wasn't here. The variable didn't change. Sorry for the inconvenience for whoever tried.

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