having problem removing the query string so that it doesnt show up in our new rewritten url...the [QSD] query string discad doesnr remove the query string and causes and internal error:-

code is:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^name=Tamarind%20Cove%20Hotel&island=barbados&resort_id=48$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^luxury-hotel-resort/index.php$ /luxury-hotel-resort/Tamarind-Cove-Hotel--barbados-resort---48 [R=301,L,NC,QSD]
RewriteRule ^luxury-hotel-resort/(.*)--(.*)-resort---(.*)$ /luxury-hotel-resort/index.php?name=$1&island=$2&resort_id=$3&redirect=0 [L]

old page is :
http://www.prestige-caribbean.com/lu...?name=Tamarind Cove Hotel&island=barbados&resort_id=48

new page after rewrite and redirect to is:-

any suggestions very much appreciated for this and how I can use one rewrite to change all URLS in the /luxury-hotel-resort/ section as they folow the same url structure, rather adding each one separately as I add new pages