JPG Convert

Please review.
This will convert your image files online for free.
Max filesize 250k (Is this big enough?)

I have a few good conversion domains and am finally getting around to writing the scripts for them.

Funny story about this one...

I didn't really have the time to do it, so put it up to bid on
I got a bunch of offers, so went with the cheapest one as the guy said he did it before and did not want much money and said he could do it in a day.

Long story short... he couldn't.
He had a problem getting ImageMagick to work on Godaddy, I solved it and showed him. Then he had another problem... I went back in... the next thing I knew, I got the whole thing working and he's disappeared. I did not see a single line of code... luckily, I only gave him a subdirectory FTP to play in and he did NOTHING in it except for a couple of really bad attempts.

Anyway, I got this working with hand coded PHP and wrote all the scripts to use the ImageMagick library myself... so much for elance help... maybe on the next project.