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    Hi All,

    I have a strange front-face issue.

    I have generated my font on font squirrel and linked to the files within my css as normal. It works on my local host and my own hosting server. However when I put it on my friends server it does not show the fonts correctly.

    The strange as it by using a little firefox add-on FOUNT the page is using the correct font at the correct size but it looks a lot larger in on this server only!

    I can PM a link over but don't like putting links on forums as this post then comes up in searches for my website. Never looks good

    Thank you,

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    Can you send me the link i deal with font face everyday and have run into a few problems with it myself so ill take a look for you

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    give us link , we can assist
    modification---- may be @williamsun comment are right you must check it and let us know
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    I have run in to that problem before. It's displaying on your computer because you have that font installed on your computer. But when uploaded and defined in your css @font-face, or in a css by itself and @import in your main css, zap.

    Mine was a truetype font, but maybe it wasn't a true truetype font, or maybe the embedded font specs weren't up to snuff, I'm not sure, but it would not work over the Internet. I used a back-up font instead and everything's fine.

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    Hi Williamsun,

    Well I converted the fonts using another system and not font squirrel and it still did not work. I then done some more searching and with a little help from chrome and it's developer tools I found that the server did not serve the fonts.

    Basically it was an MIME issue with the server and I needed to ask the host to add these:-

    WOFF – application/x-font-woff
    TTF – font/ttf
    OTF – font/otf
    EOT – application/vnd.ms-fontobject
    SVG – image/svg+xml

    And it all worked.

    Sorry not to post links but I work freelance and don't want my clients sites to show up on forums in google searches. I use forums to help me and hope I can also offer others help by posting the solutions.

    Thank you,

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