I am looking for a way to post a project I built in class on my domain as a site temporarily while I actually build a real webpage.

I built an interactive portfolio in indesign and would like to use it as a pseudo temporary website. It is an interactive pdf. I have seen a couple websites that load this way. I am just trying to figure out how to do it for myself. I would like for it's home page to open up as soon as my domain is typed in.

I've searched all over the place for this answer. I'm not sure if I am asking the right questions to get the search results I want.

There is nothing at my domain at the moment and I would just like to have something there while I actually take the time to build a real site. Please help.

This guy did it somehow. http://asaule.com/asaule.pdf

I really hope he doesn't mind me using his stuff as an example.