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Thread: Developer/Partner in Socal

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    Developer/Partner in Socal

    I have what I believe is a great idea for a web business. I do not want to discuss details until meeting in person.

    My background is as a normal person, with a wide range of skills. Jack of all trades master of few. I have made basic websites myself, and edited code for my use, but I am in no way a programmer. The type of of individual I am looking for is someone who currently has a job, but would eventually like to work for themselves (I know that is almost everyone). I want to be able to develop and sell this idea while we have still have jobs, and eventually if successful be able to leave those jobs.

    The website will be quite complex as far I can imagine. It will heavy on media, so imagine youtube or twitter light. I want my partner to be well versed in programming primarily, but to also have a good understanding of IT infrastructure and management. Experience in mobile apps and understanding cellular technology would be a plus too.

    You must live in Socal.

    Please PM or email me if interested.
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    There must be someone out there. Look it is a good idea and will work. Currently I work for a tech venture capitalist, so getting funding will be easy. We just need to get a working prototype.

    Anybody want to meet to talk this opportunity? I would like a partner who has a vested interest in the creation of this business, but in the end if I have to pay someone that is what I will do.

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