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Thread: List of fonts in a drop down

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    List of fonts in a drop down

    Anyone know if there is a list of fonts available in a dropdown I could use?

    This page has what I want but it's in Flash. I need it in plain HTML/JavaScript.

    I obviously know how to code a simple drop down box in HTML font by font but it will take ages to put in all the fonts so I just wondered if someone has already done it.


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    You can see if this is any help?

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    i don't know of any, but best thing i'd say to at least make it easier is create an array with all the fonts and then run a loop to spit out the options

    fontsarray = new Array('times', 'blah', 'blah');
    x = 0;
    while ( x <= fontsarray.length )
    document.write('<option>' + fontsarray[x] + '</option>');

    if you can find some simple list of fonts online you can copy it into notepad or whathaveyou and run a 'replace all' on the list symbol to replace it with ', and then fill in the rest of the ' chars. And there's your array.
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