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Thread: Internet explorer - Lost style segments

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    Arrow Internet explorer - Lost style segments

    I have a stylesheet for each browser, like Internet explorer. But on IE when i fill the login form and submit, some of the styling is missing and i don't know why this happen. When a user is autenticated , two more <li> elements are appear at top navigation, but they are already "stylized" by the stylesheet before. And if i refresh that page, all the elements are as they are supposed to be.

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    I found my own solution. If u have all the fields treated on css but still getting problems on submit a login form for example, especially on internet explorer, u just need to do an automatic refresh. I found this code on a search, and u just need to call the function whatever u need it.

    function reloadPage() {

    checkit = self.location.href;
    if(!checkit.match('#')) {
    window.location.replace(checkit + '#');


    if u wanna run this code only on IExplorer, u just need to do something like this on javascript.

    var appName = navigator.appName;

    alert("Your browser is: " + appName); // just to see if it is right
    reloadPage(); // Invoke your function

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