I am a prison librarian and one of the inmate clerks has suggested that you might be able to locate something we need. The inmates do not have access to the Internet and I know relatively nothing about javascript.

What we need is a javascript that will query the Library of Congress webpage; enter an ISBN number from a file; hit return; and save the results. Any "no results" need to have the ISBN flagged or marked. It will then need to go to the next ISBN on the list and query it as well.

We have about 400 new books to enter and also want to pickup records over the next month for an additional 3000.

My inmate clerk suggests that someone has created a javascript which should do all or most of this work. He isn't a Javascript programmer and neither am I but he feels it shouldn't be too difficult.

The website is:


and we need the detailed records not the abbreviated as an example:

a search for: 9780385504225 (ISBN Number)


Author: Brown, Dan, 1964-
Title: The lost symbol : a novel / Dan Brown.
Published: New York : Doubleday, c2009.
LC Call No.: PS3552.R685434L67 2009

for the brief description but we need the complete "tagged display" for
entry into our system. For this book it is:

LDR 01600cam 2200325 a 4500
001 15922449
005 20100930102920.0
008 090925s2009 nyua 000 1 eng d
906 $a7$bcbc$ccopycat$d2$encip$f20$gy-gencatlg
925 0 $aacquire$b2 shelf copies$xpolicy default
955 $brg04 2009-09-25 z-processor$irg04 2009-09-25 to CALM$aBarcode
00240193838 returned from bindery 2009-09-29;$tCopy 2 to CALM$aBarcode
00268868641 returned from bindery 2009-11-23$aItem 00240193838 received in
CCS 2010-07-08$aItem 00268868641 received in CCS 2010-07-08$aBarcode
00268868641 returned from bindery 2010-07-27$aBarcode 00240193838 returned
from bindery 2010-07-28$aItem 00268868641 left CCS 2010-07-28$aItem
00240193838 left CCS 2010-07-28$aItem 00205975238 received in CCS 2010-07-30
$aItem 00205975238 left CCS 2010-08-05
010 $a 2009464840
020 $a9780385504225
035 $a(OCoLC)ocn399843314
042 $alccopycat
043 $an-us-dc
050 00$aPS3552.R685434$bL67 2009
082 00$a813/.54$222
100 1 $aBrown, Dan,$d1964-
245 14$aThe lost symbol :$ba novel /$cDan Brown.
250 $a1st ed.
260 $aNew York :$bDoubleday,$cc2009.
300 $a509 p. :$bill. ;$c25 cm.
520 $aSymbologist Robert Langdon returns in this new thriller follow-up to
The Da Vinci Code.
650 0$aCryptographers$vFiction.
650 0$aFreemasonry$vFiction.
651 0$aWashington (D.C.)$vFiction.
655 7$aSuspense fiction.$2gsafd
655 7$aAdventure fiction.$2gsafd

Any suggestions?
Thank you,

Jo Jansen MLIS
Corrections Corporation of America
Red Rock Correctional Center