I don't see an area specifically for job postings so if this is the wrong place let me know and i will move it.

I am the owner of WMD.com and would like do develop it further as it has amazing potential.
If you have the time and skills and desire to work on putting together a site pelase contact me. I am not looking to hire someone but rather someone to build with and share the equity in a startup company with. It has LOTs of potential for lots of different things. I am not set one one particular use but would like to properly develop it. Prefer something in the tech sector but not set on it.

A lot of previous interest in the name has nothing to do with the term "weapons of mass destruction" but rather terms like
world, women, web, media, mobile, music, medical , design, digital, download etc

I am open to all ideas so please let me know what your skills are and you have in mind. Maybe you already have a small company going and just need that KILLER domain name to set you above the rest? Maybe you have an idea for this domain and time to develop it. I am not currently using the domain to its fullest potential and if it could be developed to bring in revenue then we can work out a fair profit sharing deal.
Please contact me with SERIOUS ideas / plans only.