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    Unhappy Chrome extensions

    hi, i'm trying to match my site to the size of the client browser,
    using "position:fixed; top:30px" for the menu and header, "posiotion:fixed; bottom:30px" for the footer.

    and jQuery plugin: "ezBgResize" for bg image.

    and also in some pages, window.innerHeight to locate my elements on the page according to the screen size.

    everything look great on FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and even ie7+.

    problem starts when the user got chrome extensions with bar (got only Israely examples... - walla.co.il ext. and nana.co.il ext.)

    the bar is hiding my site!
    top part of the menu is missing, and the footer is gone (I believe it's got to the top of the page, behind the bar somehow)
    when the user got 2 bars, the image (ezBgResize) get smaller and dose not reach the edge of the screen.

    tried to disable the extansion with JS but couldnt make it.........

    any suggestions?

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    please..... I realy need help with this... anyone?

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    Did you manage to find a solution to this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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