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Thread: What is this ?false:true thing?

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    What is this ?false:true thing?

    Look at this code:

    PHP Code:
    $resolve='whatever you want to put here';

    if (
    $resolve = (preg_match('/false|no|off/i'$resolve))?false:true;

    If I var_dump $resolve after this, and it contains the word "false", "no" and/or "off" I get bool(false) Otherwise I get bool(true). How exactly is it doing that, though? What role does "?false:true" play in this?

    I want to know what this is, it looks handy.
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    ternary operator

    PS: Please use with moderation, saving it for simple usages where it's easy to read. For more complex cases, a standard and indented if/else block will make your life easier when maintaining your code in the future.
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