I have a bunch of user control (UCmain) in which textbox, datetime textbox, combobox, check Box List are loaded dynamicaly(UCMain-sub). They all are again an user control.

I have Treeview usercontrol which is on Default.aspx.

Now on Treeview_nodechanged event UC(Main) is generated with different no of (UC Main-sub) controls. No of sub-controls to be generated is decided by apicall. I have given them unique id's.

The problem arises at default aspx to persist the values of usercontrol bet nodes.

for different nodes every time usercontrol-sub have id's like:- param0, param1,...
and so on. Therefore when I save them in viewstate its overriding the values for those id's.

I want the ID of those control as selectednode.Value+param0.

how to accomplish this. where can I assign them this ID???