By way of introduction, I will say that I am not a PHP developer by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully this site will change that.

My query, however, is PHP related.

I am working with an ecommerce site and have just completed a link analysis that has created an interesting question.

Every item page has an option to review that item. To complete the review the visitor is directed to a "leave a review" login page.The link from the item page to the review is a 302 temporary redirect.

Because they visitor must login, a cookie is enabled. The login page now redirects to a cookie usage page, again 302 temporary redirect.

The link analysis shows a 302 temporary redirect for every single page - well over 700 at this stage.

redirected to: MyDomain/index.php?main_page=login
status code: 302 (object temporarily moved)
linked from page(s): MyDomain/Category/Sub-Category/Item


redirected to: MyDomain/index.php?main_page=cookie_usage
status code: 302 (object temporarily moved)
linked from page(s):

So one click creates two temporary redirects.

Is this usual coding within PHP ecommerce sites? I would like to have seen a static internal link to the review page to utilize the SEO potential. Is this possible?